Core Values

Core Values
Core values establish what the SVL believes in and the kind of behavior it wants to reinforce. Values create a moral compass that forms the basis for decision-making and influencing actions in every-day situations.

The core values are:


With advancement in technology, business environment is changing very fast. Customers want highest quality of goods and services at the cheapest cost and customer demand changes over time. Therefore, working with SVL will require open mindset, willingness to learn beyond boundaries and changing along with the business dynamics.



The resolve to do the right thing for the company, for one’s colleagues and for one’s stakeholders even when no one is looking.


Technology and Innovation

It shall be the culture of SVL to stay one step ahead of competitors in terms of using technology and creating value to customers. Everyone working with SVL should contribute ideas. All ideas would be analyzed and implemented.


Customer Service

For SVL, customer is the King. SVL shall put in extra effort in understanding each customer and their needs through clear communication, and take customer feedback positively and improve on it.



Every employee, holding high or low positions will seek constant improvement of the performance of the company. This might require taking calculated risk to capitalize on opportunities that help the company achieve beyond its objectives. 



This value entails spirit and enthusiasm to work collectively across all levels and partners, building strong relationships based on mutual respect, understanding and cooperation. It is the responsibility of all employees to create conducive work environment for fellow employees in the organization.